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A few weeks ago, we issued a challenge to Canadians, asking, “Are you a Local Legend, or do you know someone who is? Tell us why for a chance to win the Epic Local Legend Prize Package”.

It seems the Great White North is full of Local Legends — over 500 people had been nominated who are doing amazing things in their communities. We reviewed all submissions, selected 6 finalists and opened it up to Canada to vote!

The Search Is Over!!

Congratulations, Doug Wilson! Our Local Legend Winner!

A true beacon of inspiration, Doug’s impact on Kitimat and Northern BC is immeasurable.  For many years, he has selflessly served as a volunteer firefighter and live-in dispatcher, always putting the safety and well-being of his community first.  Doug has left an indelible mark on the sports community of Northern BC and is also known for his love for cycling and hockey. And, let’s not forget his well-deserved nickname, ‘THE LEGEND’ – which perfectly captures Doug’s presence in his community!

Thanks to your votes, Doug has won his height in steak!

Thank You to everyone who participated in this contest, showcasing the incredible Local Legends that make Canada such a special place!

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