Seasonal brand reports - MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual

Seasonal brand reports


The MR MIKES community is looking forward to a prosperous and positive 2023. We look forward
to a full year of what used to be considered just ‘normal’. Most of us felt the shift happen… in 2022 it
seemed that we were exiting the darkest of times. Now the sun shines (well not literally, its still winter,
but you know). We can’t wait to get out there and connect with our communities in new ways and
meet up with a few folks we maybe haven’t seen in a while. This year, we’ll be showcasing many of
our franchisees and local teams while introducing you to them through video and online messages – a
little sneak peek into these marvelous humans and all they bring to the MR MIKES community. While
you wait for those videos to load, come on by for a visit. Eat Locally. Enjoy Casually.

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So far, 2022 has been filled with optimism and activity. We are seeing people travel more and just
generally get out in the world. That is music to our ears. It’s great to see so many familiar faces
both in our restaurants and out at the much-missed community events. As our teams get back to
normal operations, they also continue to manage the pandemic hangover as it relates to supply
chain and staffing challenges. But in the true MR MIKES spirit, we are inspired by how resilient and
creative our system of store teams and franchisees can be. They have proven themselves to be
able to face a multitude of challenges and yet maintain such energy and joy in their communities
and with guests. The past few months since we updated you have been a flurry of activity and we
are pleased to share it with you here in our summer RAMMP Report. Please enjoy!

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Well, folks, pandemic or not, the franchisees and support centre for MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual soldier on. With shutdowns, restrictions, vaccine passports, fires and floods in the west, we are incredibly proud of our locations for their resiliency, fortitude and determination to be the best they can in very difficult times. The teams have found ways to not only deal with the worst, but also to celebrate each other and their communities in a variety of ways by keeping each other laughing and seeking ways to connect on deeper levels. As we glance back on the past few months, it’s evident that there is still plenty to feel good about and plenty to look forward to in the future to make us optimistic. If you’re reading this, we assume you’re interested in the MR MIKES corner of the world and we’re happy to share a few stories of the things we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

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Cheers to summer! Restrictions are lifting, borders are opening, and communities are rallying together. Dare we say things are feeling pretty… err… normal. With restaurants returning to capacity again, the buzz of a full house (or almost a full house, depending on where you live) is a welcomed experience we know our hardworking franchisees have been looking forward to for months. If this last year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that they’re strong enough to take on any challenge thrown at them (but we already knew that).

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We’re entering the final days of 2020 and it’s probably safe to say we’re all looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us. We could talk about the challenges of this past year, but instead, we’d like to dedicate this RAMMP Report to the resilience and perseverance of our dedicated franchisees (yeah, they’re pretty darn awesome). They’ve taken everything this crazy year has thrown at them (think Murder Hornets) and pushed through – offering the familiar comfort of the MR MIKES experience in a not so familiar time. Albeit things looked a little different (A.K.A. they are now officially takeout ninjas), but they adapted and found ways to serve our communities the best way they could. So, we give them a great big (virtual) pat on the back.

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On Monday, July 29, 2019, an excited Staff and Management team threw open their doors declaring the NEW Salmon Arm location of MR MIKES officially opened to the public. The City of Salmon Arm and its many visitors will now have every opportunity to sink their teeth into every morsel our cheeky lil’ restaurant brand has to offer. What was once considered a pretty place is now breathtakingly beautiful. . . because of MR MIKES. It’s a real ‘Shot in the Arm.’

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Kamloops turns 50. 1969. Woodstock, the first Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, man sets foot on the moon and MR MIKES lands in Kamloops. Congratulations MR MIKES Kamloops on 50 amazing years.

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Santa Comes Early to Northern Alberta! Whitecourt AB, Welcome To Our Family. Congrats to Sonny, Sal, Mike and Kelly from Five Star Restaurants on the opening of their FOURTH MR MIKES. This combination of an amazing town, a phenomenal brand and an owner group with a strong commitment to giving back to the community is going to be GRRRREAT!

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We rocked it in Vegas. Seriously – best time ever! Our 40th location is opening soon and we are bustin’ it in the Ontario market. WHAT??!! Yup, you heard right – you don’t want to miss out on our 2020 conference!!!

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Welcome! The sun is out, umbrellas are up, and barbeques are on! We’re ready to chill out and kick back on our patio with the Summer RAMMP Report. With two new store openings, and one more on the way, this summer is bound to be full of SteakhouseCasual fun in the sun!

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